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The film Sonita was shown on Sunday afternoon. It is a great, inspirational film which will appeal to everyone. It is a documentary which brilliantly subverts the form and also a great story of someone overcoming apparently insurmountable odds to

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Panel 4: The Originators

Chaired by Morvern Cunningham of Cinema for All Based in Scotland she recommended Regional Screen Scotland who support Community Cinemas in Scotland and Social Value Lab which have done research into the value of local cinemas in encouraging social cohesion and identity.

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Film Society of the Year Awards

The 47th annual awards ceremony (sponsored by Filmbankmedia) took place in the Showroom Cinema, allegedly the oldest independent cinema in Europe.  Rachel Parker of Cinema for All gave the opening speech. David Taylor of Motion Picture Licensing Company ,Derek Malcolm renowned

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Panel 3 The Vanguard

Chaired By Katherine Sellar, Cinema for All Paul Hartley from In-Situ spoke about trying to set up a cinema in a post-industrial deprived area, using an old cotton mill. “Regenerated” area which consisted of pulling down all the cinemas. They quickly

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Panel 2 The Champions

Community Cinemas need championing because: they bring people together they programme for a unique audience they show what people want to see they are thoughtful and highly creative How to champion: Get more notice to get grants keep telling people

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Panel 1 The Energisers

This year’s conference concentrates on the individuals who make community cinema happen: Katy from Stanley’s Film Club in Norwood talked about having one full-time person who is paid plus a group of volunteers. They have managed to get useful volunteers

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Keynote Speech

Kim Bruun from the Association of Danish Film Clubs for Children and Young People talked about showing a large range of films to children in Denmark, ‘showing them films they didn’t know they wanted to see.’ He talked about funding

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Cinema for All 2016 Community Cinema Conference

Day 1 Friday 4 November The Conference kicked off with a showing of Ghost Dog. The film forms part of the Black Star Season currently showing at the BFI and the curator Ashley Clark gave a talk about the aims of

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See what you missed…

Browse through the Backlist of screenings at Moving Image over the last four years, revisit favourite films and see others that you might have missed!


Moving Image is run entirely by volunteers. Teams come together on the evening of a performance and set up the venue, usually the Loveless Hall. This includes putting out chairs, setting up the screen and of course the technical side of things. Set up takes place between 18:00 and 19:00 on the day of a film. Matinee performances require set up at 13:00. In addition to the setup there is the sale of tickets, membership renewal and new, the sale of ice-creams and wine and taking down after the event. What do you get out of it? Free admission to the film. Training is available for anyone who would like to help. Contact Ginny Waters:

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