Certain Women

Date: 14/11/2017 Times: 7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

We bring you a film that has not had the publicity it deserves and we are delighted to announce that it is shown in liaison with Wivenhoe Bookshop book group, who are reading the book of short stories by Maile Meloy, on which the film is based.  It won Best Feature Film at the London Film Festival in October 2016 but was not released in the UK until March 2017, after the major awards season was over.  It is a film in three parts, based on short stories written by Maile Meloy and set in small town Montana.  Each story features a woman or, in one case, two women and can best be described as character studies.  There is little that links the stories and there are no cataclysmic events but they come together to make something that is utterly absorbing and very different from what we usually see on the cinema screen, in its use of silence.

The first opens with what seems like the end of an adulterous tryst between lawyer Laura Wells (Laura Dern) and a gruff, handsome man named Ryan (James LeGros).  Once at work, she has a visit from her client, Fuller (Jared Harris), who’s seeking compensation for an office accident. Refusing to take Laura’s advice that he has no case, she takes Fuller to a male lawyer who offers the same counsel.  Unable to accept defeat, Fuller takes matter into his own hands, bringing Laura along for the ride.

Ryan is revealed to be married to Gina (Michelle Williams), in the second and chilliest chapter. The pair, along with their bored teenage daughter Guthrie (Sara Rodier), are camping near a plot of land on which the couple intent to build a house.  On their way back to the city, the family make a stop to visit Albert (Rene Auberjonois), an old family friend, in an effort to persuade him to sell some vintage sandstone for use on their new venture.

The third section is the most nakedly emotional of the trio, centring on a Native American horse rancher (the wonderfully expressive Lily Gladstone), who seems to have no human interaction in her life while caring for her horses on a remote ranch.  That changes when she happens upon a class on education law in the nearest town, and takes an immediate liking to its instructor, Elizabeth (Kristen Stewart), an overworked law-school graduate who commutes a long distance for the job.  The pair have a number of post-class diner meals and the unnamed ranch hand comes to believe their connection is a romantic one.

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Certain Women

Year: 2017

Country: USA

Cert: 12A

Duration: 107 mins

Dir: Kelly Reichardt

'While mainstream cinema often feels like an assault of showy gestures and techniques, Reichardt’s low-key, intimate films draw us in... subtle and deliberately anti-dramatic'

Venue: William Loveless Hall

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