Writing for the Screen

Date: 03/04/2018 Times: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The difference between the novel and the filmed adaptation is often the subject of heated debate.

Whilst for many, nothing can replace the satisfaction of a story unfurling sentence by sentence through images in one’s mind, since the Lumière brothers’ first foray into the moving image over a hundred years ago, the curated visual pleasure of seeing a filmed story has sustained its popularity. 

In the craft of writing, each requires a different approach to achieving the apparently similar purpose of communicating a story. Scriptwriting for the screen may seem obvious, but is not necessarily intuitive to those well-versed in prose fiction. 

In this two hour workshop, screenwriter and PhD researcher Naida Redgrave considers the differences between screenwriting and the novel through three key aspects: plot structure, action and visual tone. Using adaptations of novels to films (including Brokeback Mountain, Requiem for a Dream and The Road) she compares novel extracts with their corresponding screenplay and filmed scenes, and in doing so demonstrates the craft of taking words from the page and projecting them out through the action on the screen. 

The workshop will take place in Wivenhoe Library. There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion, and an interval for refreshments.


Naida Redgrave is an author and screenwriter. She is currently undertaking a PhD where her research concerns the representation of Muslim women in British cinema, for which she has received a funded studentship.

Her screenwriting credits include, Home (currently under option), which was amongst the top four UK finalist scripts selected for the C21 Drama Series Competition 2015, judged by eOne and Creative England. She has an independent political comedy feature film, directed by Rodrigo Vazquez, in postproduction (working title ‘Trumped’) due for release in late 2018, and several projects spanning comedy and drama in development. She has also written for a number of publications and organisations in both a journalistic and creative capacity, including EastLife: An Anthology of Life Writing, Brain Mill Press, BareLit Festival, Black Ballad and a YA biography on Shonda Rhimes for Enslow publishing.


Writing for the Screen

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Naida Redgrave explore the process of taking a story from the page and projecting it out on the cinema screen, following the process from source novel to screenplay to filmed action. Workshop and discussion with examples including Brokeback Mountain, Requiem for a Dream and The Road.

Venue: Wivenhoe Library