My Feral Heart

A review by Ginny Waters

This is a film I thoroughly recommend. It is rare for a totally independent film made by a relatively unknown director with unknown actors to make such an impact on critics and film festivals. It is the debut feature film of director Jane Gull. Recently at the Lift-Off Global Network 2016 Season at Pinewood Studios it won Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Director and Best Actor in the form of Steven Brandon.

Steven, who lives in Clacton and has downs syndrome, plays a young man who is made to go and live in a care home when his mum dies. Up to that time he had been independently caring for her and he finds the care home hard to deal with. He sneaks out whenever he can into the surrounding countryside and has an extraordinary encounter which he has to keep secret about. The film is very naturalistic which makes the contrast with his secret life so engaging and magical. The acting is superb, totally believable. The story make sense in the form of a fable about freedom and independence.

Mark Kermode’s review