Panel 1 The Energisers

This year’s conference concentrates on the individuals who make community cinema happen:

Katy from Stanley’s Film Club in Norwood talked about having one full-time person who is paid plus a group of volunteers. They have managed to get useful volunteers with different skills to help run the club by carefully vetting applicants (whereas we are just so pleased if someone wants to volunteer that we welcome them with open arms!!) Their volunteers have a two-hour training session (good idea!). They encourage volunteers with parties and meetings where their ideas are listened to (more good ideas).

Learoy Ellis-Moore talked about his cinema SoCiMa. Run by him and his wife and volunteers in Guildford. Aiming to use various locations and have themed programmes and discussions to make it a very sociable experience. He always has discussions with his audience after films and introduces them.

Chester Film Society talked about problem of having an enthusiast who takes on so much that when they are not there nobody knows how to do what they do. Have more than one enthusiast and divide up jobs.