Panel 2 The Champions

Community Cinemas need championing because:

  • they bring people together
  • they programme for a unique audience
  • they show what people want to see
  • they are thoughtful and highly creative

How to champion:

  • Get more notice to get grants
  • keep telling people how important what we are doing is
  • organise film study sessions to educate people in the importance of film (useful site

Our aims should be Enjoyment, Education, Enlightenment

Much ado about volunteers, how to get them, how to keep them. Don’t let them forget how special what they do is.

Bracknell Film Society had tips:

  • Welcome at door and introduction to the film
  • show a short before the main feature (e.g. BFI’s Britain on Film project or, as suggested by Chester, short films from around the world)
  • give out programme notes which can include future films and a feedback slip -Chester does a 1-10 scoring and then publishes it for the audience to see

Screen St Ives

They have managed to get an article printed in Sight and Sound championing Community Cinemas and Film Societies. They need more media exposure because of the amount of their contribution to the British film industry.

They do:

  • Saturday day school – grants to be had from Film Hub
  • Connect with local schools’ film studies groups to show films for them or by them
  • Leafleting – they ask members to deliver

NB ****** Cinema For All have programme notes on their website

UK Film Society Facebook page is very useful.