Panel 3 The Vanguard

Chaired By Katherine Sellar, Cinema for All

Paul Hartley from In-Situ spoke about trying to set up a cinema in a post-industrial deprived area, using an old cotton mill. “Regenerated” area which consisted of pulling down all the cinemas. They quickly became a pop-up group with portable equipment trying to cater for different groups e.g. skateboarders. There are many Muslims who came to see He Named Me Mahala. The film was popular with both communities.

Sanpreet Janjua from Nottingham Alternative Film Network

They show in different venues, collect for charities, show in pubs with a meal, always start off with a short.

Tip: ask for a hall for free for a charity event. Good for publicity and getting people in.

Adriana Kytkova from Deptford Cinema

Cinema in a shop - how cool is that!

Cinema in a shop – how cool is that!

They raised money from local businesses to transform the shop. They rent the whole building and are battling with the council over the rates (Glenda Jackson champions them)

Her tip was to not try to do too much or you and your volunteers will get burn-out! Keep everything as simple as possible to encourage volunteers.