Survey 7: Other Comments

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I do hope that, safety permitting, the films resume soon! Moving Image is a wonderful thing!

I'm in favour of everything possible getting back to normal as soon as possible.
Auriol Ashworth

Since social distancing reduces the audience size, perhaps two showings would be possible - it would double the income!

No comment, thanks

Provided the premises are covid secure and audience numbers are limited then, once the current social restriction is ( hopefully ) lifted I feel we ought to return to as close a normal life as possible.

How would you arrange available seating to accommodate groups, couples & singles? I am a volunteer at Firstsite & our cinema opened a few weeks ago. We have 25% capacity seating, as you know, facemasks are compulsory in cinemas. Exemptions to the mask rule should not be permitted, in my opinion, as one or more unmasked people, breathing out, chatting & possibly coughing/sneezing for 2 hrs, defeats the object of mandatory facemasks for all. I also volunteer for a charity shop & we have a problem with customers claiming Exemption, as no proof is necessary, and behaving as above. .
Would you permit people to lower their masks to eat & drink? ( In my experience, once masks are lowered, for this purpose, they remain down.) As you know, much of the Moving Image audience comprises older people Inc those who've been sheltering/with underlying health conditions.

I feel it would be irresponsible towards the community to restart indoor screenings before there’s a widely available vaccine. Also a Covid test and trace screening system that actually works.Plus - how expensive it would be to heat the hall whilst the windows are wide open (which they’d have to be).

We love moving image

Did not answer guestion two as it depends how quick we bring the spread of virus down

We are both very grateful for all the hard work commitment and enthusiasm of all those who make Moving Image possible .

Have really missed your films. Hope you can get going again.

Due to work commitments I could not attend regularly, changes in my life now - I can attend more now.
Thank you.

Not to do with COVID-19 practice so probably not the place for this comment, but would really like to have a short played before each film: not necessarily related to main film. Maybe a short animation, for instance.

The suggestion if a limit of 30 seems OK. Presumably there needs to be a minimum take up to make it financially viable.
Best to avoid Sing-a-longs!

While contactless is the safe payment method it would exclude people without cards (as you will know, some people with little money aren’t able to have contactless payment bank cards) so I think in some cases cash payment should be allowed. Online payment only would exclude those who are digitally excluded.
All your work is greatly appreciated.

Will look out for notices in the Co Op and through Wivenhoe News.

Thank you all for your hard work. It is much appreciated.

would like to join but previously was never around on the day of screening

You may like to compare notes with Allen Martin of Colchester Film Society, which re-starts on 16th September, showing each film at 3 pm and then 8 pm on the same day, once a month. He can tell you how well it is going. E-mail him here:
CFS uses the auditorium at Firstsite and audiences will be limited to 30 per showing.

You always do a grand job, thank you!

It would be great to get started again, even if it does seem a bit odd

At some showings there were approx 30 anyway. I think give it a go. Consider putting up prices to cover increased costs and reduced numbers. I for one would pay more. Paying more to see a film safely sounds good. Is there a possibility of streaming paid for via you tube? I will add my name to help if you move to increased showings.

Heart says yes, head says no as things are at the moment.
Also concerned that many members are in the older age group

Ceased being a member as I did not attend regularly enough - not all films are necessarily to my taste. However I value the opportunity to watch films here as I do not normally travel to a cinema.

Great to see you're planning ahead to restart screenings. Thank you.
Covid-19 is here to stay for a while, I think, and it's a good idea to plan for socially-distanced film screenings in the medium term. If this were the case, it might actually help to screen the same film several times if numbers are having to be restricted.
It would be good to have something during the winter months when it's harder for people to do things outside, even though indoor meetings are now likely to be more restricted with the new government guidelines (as of tomorrow, 14-09-2020).
Wishing you all the best for your survey and also for getting Moving Image restarted, and thank you for your hard work!

No masks - this is personal as I cannot wear a mask for longer than 15 minutes and it is the reason I am not going to cinemas that are currently open

The precautions listed sound great, in addition to those listed I'd feel safer if doors/windows kept open for extra ventilation.

Moving Image is a wonderful part of life in Wivenhoe, and I have missed it very much. However, in the current context, I would be too anxious about the risks to attend an indoor screening. Next spring and summer when the weather becomes mild again, though, it would be great to have outdoor screenings if that is feasible - perhaps in the Recreation Ground? Or in the beer garden of one of our pubs - this could be a chance for them to sell take-away drinks and food? This may even be something to consider during this autumn and winter if government rules allow. I am sure people would be happy to wrap up accordingly (I would!).

Thank you Moving Image for the wonderful programmes of films you have given us over the years. I hope you can come back more wonderful than ever after life resumes in something like its normal shape.