The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans
Date: 19/09/2023 Times: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

The Fabelmans won two Golden Globe Awards earlier this year, for Best Film and Best Director. It was also nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Film, Best Director (Steven Spielberg), Best Actress (Michelle Williams) and Best Music and the screenplay was nominated for a BAFTA award. So quite a spread of nominations and awards. Steven Spielberg’s uncharacteristically personal drama The Fabelmans is a string of character-defining memories, a rare insight into the world’s most famous director who has usually kept us at arm’s length, in his 30 plus movies.

Spielberg’s formative years are moulded into something semi-fictionalised here – this is The Fabelmans, not the Spielbergs – but the vague details are roughly the same, the story of a boy discovering his love for film as his family splinters around him. We start with his first experience at the cinema, as Sammy, in terrified awe of The Greatest Show on Earth and then haunted by what he’s seen. Determined to recreate the train crash that has filled his nightmares, to control and understand his fear, he begins a journey of home movies, both encouraged by his parents while reminded that a hobby should only take over so much of his time. As he grows, we spend the majority of the film with his teenage self, played by an excellent Gabriel LaBelle, as he wrestles with his passion while grappling with the slow decay of his parents’ marriage, played by Paul Dano and Michelle Williams.

The Fabelmans

Year: 2022

Country: USA

Cert: 12A

Duration: 151 mins

Dir: Steven Spielberg

'Steven Spielberg's semi-autobiographical drama is nicely bittersweet.'

Venue: William Loveless Hall