The Lunchbox

Date: 23/09/2014 Times: 7:30 pm - 9:25 pm


The film, set in Mumbai, revolves around a mistaken delivery by the Dabbawalas (lunchbox service) of Mumbai, which leads to a relationship between Saajan, a lonely widower close to retirement, and Ila, an unhappy housewife, as they start exchanging notes through the daily lunchbox.  It is an exploration of the possibility of falling in love without meeting someone and so is an allegory for the kind of internet dating where there is much email communication before any face to face contact.

It is a very charming and sweet comedy beautifully played by the two actors, Irrfan Khan, who you may remember from Life of Pi, and Nimrat Kaur.  David Jenkins compares it to the films of Satyajit Ray, praise indeed.

The film has won 22 international awards, including one at Cannes for the screenplay, written by the director Ritesh Batra.

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The Lunchbox

Year: 2013

Country: India

Cert: PG

Duration: 104 mins

Dir: Ritesh Batra

'a wry and gently comic Mumbai-set drama'

Venue: William Loveless Hall