The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music
Date: 08/10/2019 Times: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

We are ten years old this month and this is our birthday party film! Come to the William Loveless Hall to celebrate with us as we party and singalong to this Oscar-winning movie from 1965. We are also pleased to say that we will be joined by Abba Cadabra, the Wivenhoe choir, inspired to form by our showing of Mama Mia, Here We Go Again!, who will be singing for us. If you saw The Sound of Music when it first came out, you probably saw it more than once; if you’ve never seen it, put your prejudices to one side and come along and have some fun! Critics are still split about the film but those who like it do so for its energy and its ‘inimitable heart-warming quality’.  It won Oscars at the time for Best Film, Best Director (Robert Wise), Best Sound, Best Editing and, of course, Best Music, by Rogers and Hammerstein, who wrote a few good tunes in their time. If you haven’t seen the film, you will still know most of the songs. Wise drew on the same team of creative talent associated with him on West Side Story. The film version of The Sound of Music was an adaptation of the Rogers & Hammerstein Broadway show, which opened in 1959 and starred Mary (mother of Larry Hagman) Martin.  Wise ‘opened up’ the play, employing significant location shooting in Salzburg, Austria and allowing the 70 mm format to capture some spectacular shots of the locale. He also attempted to tone down the level of sentimentality and bring in more grounded elements.

The Sound of Music

Year: 1965

Country: USA

Cert: U

Duration: 172 mins

Dir: Robert Wise

'The Sound of Music has a confidence and a sense of moral purpose that warms the hardest heart.'

Venue: William Loveless Hall