Corona Virus Risk Assessment (Draft 2020-08-26)

Moving Image Coronavirus risk assessment – August 22th 2020 – Draft 2



2) WTC Covid-19 Risk Assessment- 26 June 2020

Summary: Assuming i) there is no change to relevant Government restrictions or guidance; ii) on-line booking and payment is achievable; and iii) audience members and volunteers are willing to support films, the risk assessment suggests that operating risk can, with one exception, be satisfactorily mitigated. The outstanding risk is that of screen erection. This requires 4 people working in very close proximity to carry out safely. As yet controls for this risk are unsatisfactory.

Financial impact of resuming shows has not yet been assessed and will depend largely on audience numbers, costs of licences and of WLH rental.

Risk assessment:





Set up

Volunteers unwilling to take part

Survey volunteers

Written procedure for shows to be circulated

Volunteers to use own masks and MI to supply gloves and spare masks.




Setting out chairs

Chairs too closely set out

Follow WLH agreed distance markings and capacity limit (30 people incl. volunteers)

Duty Manager (DM)

Put up screen

Volunteers have to work too close together

Get permanent screen approved


Put the screen up once and leave it there


Volunteers must include 2 people fit and tall enough to erect and take down the screen on their own.



Volunteers cross contaminate equipment/fail to maintain social distance

One volunteer is responsible for specific equipment per show both before and after the film, i.e.

-Vol 1 looks after putting out and putting away chairs, helps with screen left, acts as usher house left;

-Vol 2 looks after cables, does blinds, helps with screen right, acts as usher house right;

– Technical vol does projector and table, connects projector, remains at controls throughout.

– DM to assess and assist as necessary with tasks.

Audience management

Audience doesn’t want to attend

Survey audience members

Provide written pre-show do’s and don’ts to audience members via website at booking stage

JW underway


Ticket purchase

Queues at ticket office

On-line booking and payment only

Absolute no.s of audience to be agreed with WLH

JW underway

SB – complete, see above


Audience members congregate at entrances and exits

Separation of entrance and exits

Staggered arrival time for audience

Entrance to WLH is managed by Vol to ensure social distancing. This volunteer checks attendance against booking list

Ushers x2 direct people to seats and ensure no wandering

Exit after show is managed:

– No one moves until lights up

– DM directs orderly exit by row/section of hall; usher 1

supervises and reminds about distancing at exit from main Hall, Usher 2 at exit from building

DM reminds audience of moving about rules at the start of the show


Include in pre-show advice

Designated role on rota

Designated role on rota



Use of toilets

People fail to keep social distancing/cross contamination risk

Advise in pre-screen material that toilets will be one person at a time if needed.

Hand sanitiser will be available on the door for anyone going in and out of the film

SB to include advice in pre-show material

Audience behaviour at shows

Audience don’t observe safety measures

Publish requirements of audience before they arrive, inc.

-wearing masks (people not wearing face covers will be turned away by DM)

-use of toilets

-absence of wine/ice cream

-separation of exits and entrance

-we are going to be more assertive about where you sit and how you leave the hall

x2 Vols as ushers ensure no unnecessary wandering pre and post show



Seats are not cleaned despite WLH procedure

MI to hold own supply of cleaning materials to clean seats if need be



Audience members use toilet/move about during show

DM has cleaning materials to carry out spot cleaning as required


Audience film ratings

Contamination of slips

DM to ask audience to decide their rating before leaving

Ratings taken verbally at exit from building as audience leaves, as privately as possible


Usher 2

Volunteer duties:


  • to hold their own duty list at all times;
  • oversees all activity;
  • manages the entrance queue;
  • makes pre-show announcement covering
  • use of toilets
  • exit procedure
  • reminder about keeping masks on
  • does spot cleaning where necessary.

Vol 1:

  • Chairs
  • Usher house left
  • Holds torch during film

Vol 2:

  • Cables
  • Blinds – plugs wall socket end of cables in and out
  • Usher house right

Technical Vol:

  • Projector and table
  • Control unit operation
  • Plugs projector end of cables in and out

Further action:

The procedure to be tried and tested on 13/10/20

This risk assessment to be considered by all Trustees                        SB        complete 24/8/20

Procedure for Duty Manager and volunteers to be drafted                MH

Advice note to audience to be drafted for website                        SB

Document control:

Draft 1:                 14/8/20 produced by MH & SB

Draft 2:         22/8/20 comments and suggested amendments included by MH, amended SB