Forthcoming Screenings List (for Mailchimp)


Forthcoming Titles

Tuesday 5th December (7:30 pm - 9:20 pm)

The Lost King [Cert 12A]

'A quietly droll detective story.' (Review)

Tuesday 16th January (7:30 pm - 9:25 pm)

Barbie [Cert 12A]

'A riotously entertaining candy-coloured feminist fable' (Review)

Tuesday 30th January (7:30 pm - 9:25 pm)

The Old Oak [Cert 15]

'Film-making driven by anger, empathy and unquenched idealism' (Review)

Tuesday 6th February (7:30 pm - 9:15 pm)

Past Lives [Cert 15]

'A beautifully understated and emotionally resonant film about the power of love, loss, and second chances' (Review)

Tuesday 20th February (7:30 pm - 9:05 pm)

The Great Escaper [Cert 12A]

'A wonderful last hurrah for Glenda Jackson' (Review)

Tuesday 5th March (7:30 pm - 8:55 pm)

Scrapper [Cert 12A]

'An impressively tender portrait of a girl’s precarious life' (Review)

Tuesday 19th March (7:30 pm - 9:35 pm)

Joyland [Cert 15]

'A Pakistani queer-cinema milestone' (Review)