127 Hours (late cancellation)

127 Hours (Cert 15) USA 2010 94 mins Dir: Danny Boyle

Saturday 7 May 7.30pm at Phillip Road

APOLOGIES FOR LATE CANCELLATION: Owing to an incompatibility between the pre-production DVD we were sent by the distributors and our DVD player we had to cancel this screening at the last minute. Apologies to all who came that we had to refund your tickets. Please note that if there is sufficient interest we may be able to reschedule this screening… so please let us know what you think!

In 127 Hours director Danny Boyle casts James Franco in the exciting and harrowing true story of Aron Ralston, lone young outdoorsman who in 2003 fell and was trapped when his hand was crushed under a boulder out in the Utah desert on a weekend excursion. Aron records his situation on a camcorder as he struggles to free himself and then come to terms with the inevitable choice. A stunningly shot and visually inventive drama that contrasts the enormous open space of the arid Utah desert with the inner space of Arons world as it threatens to become his tomb. With a brilliant music score from Slumdog collaborator AR Rahman. Boyle has created a film with an epic scale. Don’t watch this film at home on the DVD you need to see it on a proper screen… (AND DONT BITE YOUR FINGERNAILS EITHER!)