This week we received an email telling us that we couldn’t show ‘Blade Runner’ in Wivenhoe. We don’t know why, whether the current licence holders Chartwell¬† (part of a massive media empire owned by Californian multi-millionaire Jerry Perenchio) are withdrawing the movie from general circulation (there’s certainly lots of talk about prequels and sequels) or if they just don’t like community cinema projects like Moving Image. We have appealed against this, and we have asked for some eason but apart from the initial ‘…We have reviewed your request and unfortunately the decision has been made not to proceed. ” we have had no explanation so far. Perhaps the Tyrell Corporation is alive and well and controlling minds in 21st century LA after all?

So as an alternative we will be screeing another amazing dystopia classic, Terry Gilliam’s fabulous ‘Brazil’ (see the trailer and the slightly wacky interview Terry Gilliam did for French TV).¬† And the if you want to be kept informed of any possible alternative-future screening of ‘Blade Runner’ please let us know.

PS some interesting links for BR fans:

On the Edge of Blade Runner
1 hour documentary (in 6 parts) on Google

Google on: Tyrell Corporation (with some interesting material including a transcript of the original with voice over release!)

Google on: jerry perenchio blade runner