Family screening: UP (Phillip Road Wivenhoe)

From the moment the old wooden house takes to the air you know you are in for a full-on Pixar experience and UP provides it with plenty of style. The story of an improbable adventure shared by a grouchy old man and an irritatingly over-helpful boy scout is full of brilliant set pieces and fast paced action. Its also poignant and beautiful though perhaps the talking dogs was one idea that ran away with itself a bit. UP has some of the same style that The Invincibles showed, and with the same nostalgia for Fifties comic books. If you havnt seen it on a big screen this is your opportunity, its a treat to watch and will be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Previous family screenings at Phillip Road have all been complete sellouts so make sure you get there a bit early to be sure of a seat!

USA/Pete Docter, Bob Peterson/ 2009/101 mins/Cert U

3pm Sunday 23 January