Four Lions (Phillip Road Wivenhoe)

Saturday 20 November at 7.30 pm

“A Jihadi Islamist comedy from Sheffield? I was persuaded to see the film on the strength of the Directors reputation for cutting edge satire as evidenced by his brilliant spoof current affairs television programmes (including the notorious Brass Eye episode featuring a new drug called ‘cake’).

In the event it was entertaining black humour which relied quite a bit on slapstick but with an underlying bite that set it apart. The film focuses on the banal lives of the protagonists, but Morris skill is to make us laugh at the plight of these incompetent suicide bombers. ” Moira Collett

“I watched it last night with three very different people, we all laughed and all loved it. The film is funny and thought-provoking, with good performances and believable dialogue. The issues that the film addresses are not particularly subtle but the way that Morris’s comedy highlights the blindness and misguided anger of the bombers remains interesting and intelligent to the end. Morris’s brave approach to the delicate subject matter is key to the films success, he doesn’t ignore the horrors in the story but neither is he preachy or patronizing and he resists the temptation to simplify morality. On top of all this, the film is also funnier than many straight comedies that I have seen for the past few months. ” Jacob Wallett

Director: Chris Morris (2010) UK (English language) 97 mins Cert 15

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