Open House at Phillip Road, and settling in at The Loveless

The Open House afternoon at the Phillip Road Centre was a resounding success with over a hundred local visitors taking advantage of the opportunity to look round the opened building, consider plans and discuss possibilities.

Essex County Council have taken a month to consider whether they may hold on to the building and redevelop it as a health/community centre. We expect a decision some time around the end of September (possibly this Wednesday 8th October according to latest rumours Ed.) and will report back as soon as we hear anything. If you havn’t already signed up and are interested to keep up with developments please take a quick look at the latest news pages and add your details to the new Phillip Road mailing list at

Meanwhile Moving Image has been settling in nicely at the Loveless Hall and audiences seem to have enjoyed the change of day to Tuesdays.  We welcome your feedback on preferred nights… Tuesdays or Saturdays? If we have the option to do either, which would you prefer? Or can we attract audiences to support two screenings  per week? We would love to hear from you.