We apologise for the inconvenience.

Sorry… we had some unexpected technical problem with the website this week. The main problem (with the events calendar) has now been fixed and we are in the process of re-listing our forthcoming programme of films for the next couple of months… see What’s on next for listings.

We are also using this as an opportunity to reorganise our site so it works much better on mobile phones and tablets as well as on desktops and laptops, so the site will take shape over the next couple of days…

We are also going to revamp our newsletter mailing list, moving it over to the excellent Mailchimp service, so as soon as the website is sorted out please look out to receive Moving Image mailings with a smart new ‘2014’ flavour. Please note that you don’t have to do anything to receive the mailings if you are already a subscriber, and we will send a confirmation of the switch over through the old (Pommo) mailing list just to make sure you don’t miss anything. If you havn’t yet signed up for our mailing list then please do so now at the new Mailchimp mailing list, just click here and away you go.