Winter’s Bone (Phillip Road)

“Deep in the Ozark Mountains, clans live by an almost medieval code of conduct that no one dares defy—until an intrepid teenage girl has no other choice. When Rhee Jessup’s crystal-meth-making father skips bail and goes missing, her family home is on the line. Unless she finds him, she and her young siblings and disabled mother face destitution. In a heroic quest, Rhee traverses the county to confront her kin, break their silent collusion, and bring her father home.

“With thrilling tension, Winter’s Bone depicts an archetypal rite of passage. Only this time, the young warrior is a girl. As our heroine braves a nearly impossible task, she redefines the notion of fealty and, in the process, redefines herself, too. The spare precision of Debra Granik’s direction is effortlessly profound. Stunningly genuine performances and exquisite visual details capture the textures and rhythms of a world where the mythic and the naturalistic intermingle.” Sundance Film Festival
(Cert 15) USA 2009 100 mins Dir: Debra Granik