Your Top Five Romantic Movies?


Moving Image is holding a special event for all members and invited special guests on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2011. We want to show the film you most want to see, chosen from the Guardian’s 25 top romantic movies of all times. As well as screening the film that members choose, we will celebrate Moving Image’s success in style, at the University’s Lakeside Theatre, so keep that night free. Cast your vote  (up to five choices) now and not later than 4 January so we have time to order the film and send out the invites.  The poll allows one lot of votes per IP address so two lots of people voting from the same house probably won’t work, sorry… you will need to do a second vote from work, school etc or mail us your preferences. If you have any problems using the online poll just email us your choices (5 maximum) and we will add them in for you.

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